AquaFarm: Simulation and decision support for aquaculture facility design and management planning

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Douglas H. Ernst; John P. Bolte; Shree S. Nath

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Scholarly Article


Aquacultural Engineering

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Abstract: Development and application of a software product for aquaculture facility design and facilities are simulated, resource requirements and enterprise budgets compiled, and

operation and management schedules determined so that fish production Objectives are achieved. When facility requirements or production Objectives are found to be operationally or economically unacceptable, desired results are obtained through iterative design refinement. Facility performance is reported to the user as management schedules, Summary reports, enterprise budgets, and tabular and graphical compilations of time-series data for unit process, fish, and water quality variables. Application of AquaFarm to various types of aquaculture systems is demonstrated. AquaFarm is applicable to a range of aquaculture interests, including education, development, and production. management planning are described (AquaFarm, Oregon State University

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