Breeding for the groundnut for earliness

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S. Jogloy; A. Patanothai; V. Pensuk; N. Chanwitya

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Conference Proceeding or Document


11th Groundnut Conference

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Ranong, Thailand


Abstract: Aim of this breeding objectives is to improve cultivars with early maturity. preferably 85 days, for certain cropping systems. Work done in 1989 were included generation advanced of 20 F1’s populations an Intermediate Yield Trial and a set of Preliminary Yield Trial of lines received from ICRISAT. In 1990, generation advanced of 19 F2’s populations and only a set of Preliminary Yield Trial was conducted. All of trials in 1989 and 1990 were conducted at Khon Kaen University in rainy season. Normal cultural practices were performed on each trial. Results of work in 1989, (MGS x Robut 33-1)-5-2-2 and ICGS (E)-12 were among the top cultivars in the Intermediate Yield Trial, while ICGV 86143 [ICGS 44 x (Robut 33-1 x NCAc 2821)] and ICGV 86015 (ICGS 44 x TG2E) were among the top yielding cultivar in the Preliminary Yield Trial (the Fourth International Early maturity Groundnut Varietal Trial from ICRISAT). Results of 1990 yield trials, ICGV 87018 [JL 24 x (M 13 x Gangapuri)] and ICGV 86143 [ICGS 44 x (Robut 33-1 x NCAc 2821)] were among the top yielding cultivars in the Preliminary Yield Trial. All of superior lines were selected for subsequent testing.

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Progress Report for 1991. Proc. 11th groundnut Conf. , Ranong, Thailand, 17-21 May 1993

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