Breeding for the groundnut for the after-rice growing conditions

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S. Jogloy; A. Patanothai; V. Pensuk; N. Chanwitya

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Conference Proceeding or Document


11th Groundnut Conference

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Ranong, Thailand


Abstract: In the 1988/89 after-rice season 22 F1’s populations were grown for generation advanced and six yield trials were conducted. The yield trials were a Farm Trial, two Advanced Yield Trials, two Intermediate Yield Trials and a Preliminary Yield Trial. Work in 1989/90 included generation advanced of 22 F2’s populations and 5 yield trials. The trials were a Farm Trial. Two Advanced Yield Trails, an Intermediate Yield Trial and a Preliminary Yield Trial. Testing sites in 1988/89 and 1989/90 were indicated in table 1-2. Results of work in 1988/89, (MGS x Robut 33-1)-5-3-2. Lampang and (GA 207-3 x Robut 33-1)-11-4-2 showed yield superiority to check cultivar, Tainan 9, in the Farm Trial. Only Khon Kaen 60-1 showed yield superiority to Tainan 9 in the Advanced Yield trail set I while ICGS (E)-131 and Panjab 1 were the top cultivar in the Advanced yield Trial set II. No tested entry performed better than Tainan 9 in the Intermediate Yield Trial set II while ICG 2309 SB NCAc 2155 gave yield superiority to Tainan 9 8 % in the Intermediate Yield Trails set I. Several cultivar performed better than check cultivar in the Preliminary Yield Trial. Results of work in 1989/90, Khon Kaen 60-1, Lampang and (MGS x Robut 33-1)-5-3-2 were among the top yielding entries in the Farm Trial. Khon Kaen 60-1 and (MGS x Robut 33-1)-5-2-1 were the top yielding in the Advanced Yield Trial I while No.236 and ICGS (E)-69 were among the top yielding cultivar in the Advanced Yield Trial II. ICGS (E)-173 showed yield superiority to Khon Kaen 60-1 and Tainan 9 41 % in the Intermediate Yield Trial. RCM 387. Lonyun 6101 and (Lampang x UPL PN-5)F5-1 were the top entries in the Preliminary Yield Trial. The promising lines were selected for future testing.

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Progress Report for 1991. Proc. 11th groundnut Conf. , Ranong, Thailand, 17-21 May 1995

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