Comparison of Two Samplers Used with an Automated Data Acquisition System in Whole-Pond, Community Metabolism Studies


Bartholomew W. Green; David R. Teichert-Coddington

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Scholarly Article


The Progressive Fish-Culturist

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Abstract: Automated data-logging equipment permits frequent in situ measurements of water quality variables and allows for better estimates of primary production and community metabolism in aquaculture ponds. A system to sample four contiguous 0.1-hectare earthen ponds is described. Two samplers for obtaining water samples for analysis were designed and compared. The first sampled at discrete depths throughout the water column, whereas the second obtained a composite water column sample. Samplers were constructed from readily available stocks of iron accessories or polyvinyl chloride fittings. Mean dissolved oxygen concentration, pH, and temperature did not differ significantly between water samples taken by the two samplers.

Additional Bibliographic Information

Green, B.W. and D.R. Teichert-Coddington, 1991. Comparison of two samplers used with an automated data acquisition system in whole-pond community metabolism studies. The Progressive Fish-Culturist, 53(4):236–242.

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