Compensation for Environmental Services and Rural Communities: Lessons from the Americas and Key Issues for Strengthening Community Strategies


H. Rosa; S. Kandel; L. Dimas

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Scholarly Article



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El Salvador


This book synthesizes the lessons learned from the implementation of payment schemes for ecosystem services (PES) in the Americas, where equity is a central concern. The authors reflect upon the questions that emerged at every step of the process: from the conceptual PES framework itself; the differing motives and justifications behind PES schemes; the instruments for implementation; the dilemma of valuation for environmental services; and the debate surrounding how to reward the service providers (compensation, payment, subsidy, etc.). In each case, they reveal the importance of the nature of the participation of the actors involved, be they the state, private sector or communities living from the land.

(Excerpt from preface)

Contents: Preface Summary Introduction Compensation for environmental services and rural communities in the Americas – Costa Rica – Mexico – Brazil – El Salvador – New York State

Strengthening community strategies for environmental services – Guiding Principles – Communities and Ecosystem Management: Integrating Levels – Broad Valuation frameworks for Environmental Services – Economic instruments for compensation and ground rules – Environmental Services and landscape perspective – Role of the State, International Donor Agencies and Support Organizations – Concluding Remarks Bibliography

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