Complexity of Recommending Reduced Tillage as a Component of IPM in Virginia-type Peanut Production

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D. Jordan; R.L. Brandenburg; C.A. Hurt

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Conference Proceeding or Document


IPM CRSP, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

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Indianapolis, IN


Abstract: Popularity of reduced-tillage production has increased considerably in the southeastern United States.

However, acceptance in peanut has been limited due to perceived difficulties in digging in this system and inconsistent yield response. While yield in reduced-tillag and conventional-tillage systems can be the same, seldom do yields in reduced-tillage systems exceed those in conventional-tillage systems. However, many advantages to reduced tillage have been suggested. From a pest management perspective, lower incidence of tomato spotted wilt has been reported when peanut is grown in reducedtillage systems rather than conventional-tillage systems. Tillage has become a component of the Risk Index for Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus in Georgia, and more recently in a similar advisory developed in North Carolina. Although it would appear that recommending reduced tillage systems would be relatively straightforward, especially due to the long-term benefits to soil, savings in time and energy, and reduced tomato spotted wilt virus, making such a recommendatio is more complex. Response of Virginia market type peanut to tillage has been inconsistent in North Carolina. For this reason, care must be implemented when deciding whether or not reduced tillage systems should be incorporated as a component of peanut IPM. Changes in Federal farm legislation, however, most likely will shift peanut production to sandier soils that respond more favorably to reduced-tillage peanut production. This change may result in greater acceptance of reduced-tillag systems and may increase potential of this cultural practice as a component of peanut IPM.

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Jordan, D., R. L. Brandenburg, and C. A. Hurt, 2003. Complexity of Recommending Reduced Tillage as a Component of IPM in Virginia-type Peanut Production, Abstract G40-P, p. 62. 4th National Integrated Pest Management Symposium. Indianapolis, In.

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