Consumer-guided development of a peanut butter tart

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K.H. McWatters; M. S. Chinnan; R. D. Phillips; S. L. Walker; S. E. McCullough; I. B. Hashim; F. K. Saalia

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Scholarly Article


Journal of Food Quality and Preference

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Abstract: Tart formulations and fillings peanut butter (PNTB), peanut butter sweetened with 20% clover honey (PNTB/HNY), or 50% peanut butter layered with 50% grape jam (PNTB/GRPJ) were evaluated at the early stage of the development process by adult consumers (n = 73) and experts (food service managers and chefs). Sensory results indicated that all formulations were acceptable, however, most participants commented that the pastry needed to be softer and sweeter and suggested using less filling to prevent surface cracking of the pastry. Recommendations and comments from the first phase were used to modify the tarts. Modified tarts filled with peanut butter sweetened with 5% confectioner’s sugar (SPNTB), 50% SPNTB layered with 50% grape jam (SPNTB/GRPJ) or 50% SPNTB layered with 50% strawberry jam (SPNTB/STRWBJ) were evaluated by targeted consumers (teenagers, n = 106). Results indicated that all tarts were similar in sensory quality, although tarts filled with SPNT/STRWBJ had slightly higher ratings for all sensory attributes than tarts filled with SPNTB/GRPJ and SPNTB. All modified tarts received hedonic ratings of 5.5-6.6 (like slightly). Involvement of targeted consumers early in the development process and incorporating their recommendations to finalize product formulations will increase the product’s probability of success.

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