Development of a chocolate flavored peanut beverage.

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P Chompreeda; V Haruthaithanasan; C Oupadissakoon; K Suknak

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Scholarly Article


Journal of Food Science

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Abstract: Nine chocolate-flavored peanut beverages (CFPB) were prepared using peanut protein isolate as source of protein and analyzed for physical-microbiological-sensory qualities. The quality attributes such as color, aroma, viscosity, and flavor of CFPB were similar to that of commercial chocolate milk. The total aerobic populations of the beverage before and after refrigeration for 7 days were less than 10 and 200 colonies/g, respectively, and no coliform bacteria was detected in this product. Sensory evaluation and response surface methodology indicated that optimum formulation of CFPB was obtained by using 3.5% protein (from peanut protein isolate), 3.5% butter, 8% sugar, 0.7% cocoa powder, 0.1% stabilizer, and water. Consumer study of the CFPB revealed that all sensory characteristics were acceptable in the range of like to extremely like.

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