Development of Chocolate-flavored Peanut-Soy Beverage

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R.P. Deshpande

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Thesis or Dissertation


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Abstract: A novel formulation and pilot-plant scale processing protocol was developed for a protein-based,

nutritious beverage. Roasted peanut and chocolate flavors were utilized to enhance acceptability and soy flour or soy protein isolate to improve nutritional profile. Extreme vertices, constrainedmixture

design for peanut (X1:30.56%-58.70%), soy (X2:28.26%-43.52%), and chocolate syrup (X3:13.04%-25.93%) yielded 28 formulations for sensory evaluation. Commercial chocolate milk was used as a control. Optimization of sensory data was done using response surface methodology. Since control ratings were 6-7, the regions of maximum consumer acceptability for each sensory attribute were ratings ? 5.0. Optimum formulations for soy flour were all combinations of 34.1%-45.5% X1, 31.2%-42.9% X2, and 22.4%-24.1% X3; and for soy protein isolate 35.8%-47.6% X1, 31.2%-43.5% X2, and 18.3%-23.6% X3. A formulation with 43.9% peanut, 36.3% soy protein isolate, and 19.8% chocolate syrup had the highest consumer acceptability. Soy protein isolate performed better than soy flour and gave beverage characteristics closer to that of control.

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