Development of Ready-to-Eat Mixed Cereal Bar

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W Thanavisuthra

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Abstract: Consumer survey results indicated they preferred a ready-to-eat mixed cereal bar with moderate pineapple aroma and moderate sweetness. The product should be crispy and be in form of rectangular. The product was formulated to meet 10 percent Thai RDA for Thai adults. The optimum formular composed of 15 percent roasted glutineous rice, 20 percent roasted peanut, 18 percent roasted sunflower seed, 3.2 percent maltose syrup, 15 percent pineapple jam, 5 percent baked raw banana, 5 percent each of skim milk powder, jaggery and water, 4.3 percent honey, 0.5 percent each of pineapple flavor and salt. The processing was mixing ingredients all together to get an homogeneous mixture then molding into 3*5*7.5 cm mold, drying at 70 deg C for 30 minute and packing in aluminium bag. The product had light brown color, compression force=62.82 newton and aw=0.37. The product contained 5.96 percent moisture Content, 25.21 percent fat,1.80 percent ash,12.50 percent protein,38.11 percent crude fiber and 60.40 percent carbohydrate. One serving size (60g) contained energy=423.6 Kcal, vitamin A=72.11 micro gRE, vitamin B1=0.15 mg, niacin=0.13 mg, iron=2.11 mg. The Product was microbiologically safe. Storage study revealed that the shelf=life of the product packed in aluminium bag was 81 days at 30 deg C. Acceptability test indicated consumers moderately accepted the product.

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