Development of Snack Food from Defatted Peanut Flour and Pregelatinized Tapioca Flour

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T Suwonsichon

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Abstract: Consumer survey indicated that butter caramel flavor snack was popular one. The optimum snack formular and process consisted of mixing 32.95 % defatted peanut flour with 46.13 % water, steaming the mixture for 1 hr, then adding 20.9 % pregelatinized tapioca flour and kneading to form dough. The dough was then worked into thin sheet, cut into 1.0×2.0 cm. pieces and perforated through out, dried at 80 deg C for 1 hr, deep fried at 190 deg C for 1 min coated with butter caramel flavor and dried at 130 deg C for 14 min. The product obtained had the color L, a, and aw of 74.0, 3.0, 27.8 and 0.24, respectively. It contained 2.9 % moisture Content, 24.83 % protein, 12.50 % fat, 56.94 % carbohydrate, 2.73 % ash, 0.06 % fiber and 452 Cal/100 g. The total microbial count and yeasts and molds were less than 100 colonies/g and 10 colonies/g, respectively. Coliforms was less than 3 MPN/g and E. coli was not detected in one gram snack. The product packed in aluminiumfoil bags and polypropylene bags, could be stored at 25 deg C and at ambient temperature for up to 2 months without affecting the qualities of the product. Results of acceptable test using 500 consumers showed a moderate preference whereas ninty-five percent found the product was acceptable and sixty-two percent would be willing to pay 5 Baht for 40 g pack of product.

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