Effect of hot water immersion on storage stability of non-refrigerated peanuts

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AL Branch; RE Worthington; IL Roth; MS Chinnan; TOM Nakayama

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Scholarly Article


Peanut Science

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Abstract: Oxidative stability of Fla Early Bunch and NC7 peanuts immersed in hot water (79 C) for 90 sec and stored under non-refrigerated conditions was evaluated. Scanning electron microscopy revealed that water immersion disrupted structural makeup of the surface to form a glaze and caused coalescence of subcellular bodies. Initial hot water immersion resulted in decreased lipoxygenase activity. Throughout storage, peroxide values, free fatty acid values and lipoxygenase activity were lower in the immersed peanuts than in the non-immersed peanuts. Free fatty acid and peroxide values were significantly higher in the Fla Early Bunch cultivar than the NC7 cultivar.

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