Effect of raw materials on quality of tube feeding

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P Chompreeda; V Haruthaithanasan; K Suknark

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Abstract: objectives of this study was to determine sources of protein and vitamin A using groundnut protein isolate and soy protein isolate and carrot and pumkin, respectively, in the preparation of tube feedings. Formulations of the tube feeding were obtained by minimizing the cost and maximizing the nutritional quality using Turbo LP programming. Four formulae of feeding were prepared and quality attributes were evaluated. After that, the best formula was reformulated to meet the requirement of essential amino acids, iron, calcium and sodium for adults. Qualities and shelf-life of the products were investigated for a period of two weeks after processing. Groundnut protein isolate in combination with carrot gave the best quality tube feeding formula. The product had yellow color, mild sweet aroma and no foaming. The reformulated feeding contained 10 % groundnut protein isolate, 3.5 % sugar, 9 % maltodextrin, 3.4 % butter, 6 % carrot and 68.1 % water. After two weeks storage at room temperature, the consistency and pH of the feeding decreased while the flow rate increased. A slightly change in color was detected. Groundnut protein isolate was suitable as the protein source and carrot was suitable as the source of vitamin A in tube feeding. Further study will be conducted to prepare ready to use tube feeding.

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Prog. Ann. Peanut Mtg. IN Thailand, 3-5 May, Roi Et

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