Engineered resistance to tomato spotted wilt virus in transgenic peanut expressing the viral nucleocapsid gene

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Z Li; RL Jarret; JW Demski

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Scholarly Article


Transgenic Research

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Abstract: The nucleocapsid gene of tomato spotted wilt virus Hawaiian L isolate in a sense orientation, and the GUS and NPTII marker genes, were introduced into peanut (Arachis hypogaea cv. New Mexico Valencia A) using Agrobacterium-mediated transformation. Modifications to a previously defined transformation protocol reduced the time required for production of transformed peanut plants. Transgenes were stably integrated into the peanut genome and transmitted to progeny. RNA expression and production of nucleocapsid protein in transgenic peanut were observed. Progeny of transgenic peanut plants expressing the nucleocapsid gene showed a 10- to 15-day delay in symptom development after mechanical inoculations with the donor isolate of tomato spotted wilt virus. All transgenic plants were protected from systemic tomato spotted wilt virus infection. Inoculated non-transformed control plants and plants transformed with a gene cassette not containing the nucleocapsid gene became systemically infected and displayed typical tomato spotted wilt virus symptoms. These results demonstrate that protection against tomato spotted wilt virus can be achieved in transgenic peanut plants by expression of the sense RNA of the tomato spotted wilt virus nucleocapsid gene

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