Enhanced infection of the peanut, Arachis hypogaea L., Seeds with Aspergillus flavus group fungi due to external scarification of peanut pods by the lesser cornstalk borer, Elasmopalpus lignosellus (Zeller)

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RE Lynch; DM Wilson

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Scholarly Article


Peanut Science

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Abstract: The relationship between injury by the lesser cornstalk borer (LCB), Elasmopalpus lignosellus (Zeller), and invasion of peanut, Arachis hypogaea L., pods and seeds by species of the Aspergillus flavus group (A. flavus Link and A. parasiticus Speare) were studied under laboratory and field conditions. In the laboratory, LCB larvae were an excellent vector of an A. parasiticus color mutant (ATCC 24690) to all developmental stages of peanut pods. Fungal invasion and aflatoxin concentration in seeds were higher in immature pods (stage 2

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