Enhancing biological nitrogen fixation (BNF) of leguminous crops grown on degraded soils in Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania. I. Field Trials

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Peter Ssenyonga; John Steven Tenywa; Michael Ugen; Susan Nchimbi-Msolla; Augustine Musoni; Ernest Semu; Mark Westgate

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Kigali, Rwanda


A poster presented at the 2012 Global Pulse Researchers Meeting, Kigali, Rwanda- “Transforming Grain-Legume Systems to Enhance Nutrition and Livelihoods”. Abstract: Yield of common beans on small-landholder farms are a fraction of their genetic potential. Our BNF-CRSP project aims to identify production systems that enhance BNF, develop germplasm responsive to inoculation, and share this information with small landholder farmers. The objectives of this study is to quantify interactions between inoculants, varieties, and field conditions in managed field trials established at multiple research station sites in Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania. Locally adapted varieties were treated with MAK Bio-Fixer, Biostacked

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