Ethnoecology : Situated Knowledge/Located Lives


V. Nazarea (ed.)

Type of Document:
Scholarly Article


University of Arizona Press

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Tucson, AZ


Table of Contents 1. Introduction. A View from a Point: Ethnoecology as Situated Knowledge / Nazarea 2. The Value of Subsistence for the Future of the World / Hunn 3. Practical and Religious Meanings of the Navajo Hogan / Lane 4. The Agronomy of Memory and the Memory of Agronomy: Ritual Conservation of Archaic Cultigens in Contemporary Farming Systems / Dove

5. Ethnoecology Serving the Community: A Case Study from Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico / Ford 6. Lenses and Latitudes in Landscapes and Lifescapes / Nazarea 7. Cultural Landscapes and Biodiversity: The Ethnoecology of an Upper R!o Grande Watershed Commons / Pena

8. Conserving Folk Crop Varieties: Different Agricultures, Different Goals / Soleri and Smith 9. Plant Constituents and the Nutrition and Health of Indigenous Peoples / Johns 10. Sustainable Production and Harvest of Medicinal and Aromatic Herbs in the Sierras de C

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Tucson, Ariz. : University of Arizona Press

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