Global water watch in the Andes


S. Ruiz-Cordova; B. Duncan

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Abstract: An “offspring” of SANREM Philippines experience, the Water Resources Management and Environmental Education activity in the Andes is approaching problems of water through community-based, participatory research. Forty-three citizens in Ecuador and eleven in Peru have become certified water quality monitors. Under sponsorship of UNORCAC, SANREM’s partner in the Andes, a significant portion of water quality data obtained is the result of their efforts. Since July 1999 a time series of 2,800 bacteria tests have been done in the Cotacachi area at 219 sites. Seventy-nine percent of the samples were positive for coliforms and 43% for E. coli. About 79% of the sites were found contaminated and municipal authorities are considering measures to solve the problem. Physical-chemical analyses of surface water have provided over 485 records. Successful implementation of this work in Cotacachi has resulted in “scaling up” activities in Ecuador and Peru. An important outgrowth of the SANREM water monitoring experience has been the conception and implementation of a Global Water Watch Network, which extends beyond the “SANREM countries. PVOs in Brasil and China are the most recent Auburn partners. An exciting development linking Global Water Watch Network monitoring programs through a global database is nearing implementation.

Avialable also as a conference paper.

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Presented at the SANREM CRSP Research Scientific Synthesis Conference, Athens, GA, 28-30 November 2001

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