Improvement of process and quality of ground roasted groundnut

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S Pojjanapimol; V Haruthaithanasan; P Chompreeda; C Oupadissakoon

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Abstract: To improvement of process and quality of ground roasted peanut should start from selecting of good quality peanut, aflatoxin and defect free. From the studied processes, the optimum quality of ground roasted peanut should be roasted at 150 deg. C for 15 minutes, then grinding by two-roller machine with 1.60 mm. clearance. The particle sizes of the product ranged from 10-18 meash, slight brown color, good aroma and tasty. The product contained 2.87 % moisture, 24.41 % protein and 46.15 % fat. Aflatoxin was not detected and peroxide value was 1.17 meq/kg. Total microbial count, yeast and mold were 175 and 35 colonies/gm respectively. Coliform was less than 3.0 MPN/gm, E. Coli and S.aurues were not detected in one gram. Storage test of ground roasted peanut showed that packages, temperature and time affected the product qualities. It could be stored more than 4 months at 4 deg. C Consumer testing showed that the consumers accepted in all qualities or ground roasted peanut.

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Groundnut-A Global PerspectiveProc. Intl. Workshop, 25-29 Nov. , 1991, ICRISAT Center, India S.N. Nigam, ed.

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