Improving Fruit Postharvest Quality through Best Management Practices for Perishable Vegetable Production in Protective Structures in Nicaragua, Haiti, Honduras, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica

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Bielinski M. Santos; Teresa P. Salame; Maricruz Ramirez-Sanchez; Craig D. Stanley; Jack E. Rechcigl; Henner A. Obregon-Olivas; Jessie E. Inestroza; Maria G. Cuevas; Marco V. Saenz; Jean-Robert Estime

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Project Document


Horticulture CRSP, University of California- Davis

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Davis, CA


Poster. Abstract: The main foal of the project is to implement technologies to enhance bell pepper fruit yields and post harvest quality and to develop a comprehensive education and research network for protected agriculture information exchange among developing countries in Central America and teh Caribbean.

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