Looking at the landscape through local lenses: Integrating community values and variation in indicators of sustainability


V. Nazarea

Type of Document:
Research Brief


SANREM CRSP, University of Georgia

Date of Publication:

Place of Publication:
Watkinsville, GA


This brief illustrates an innovative tool that enables researchers to elicit culturally relevant indicators, many of which are non-monetary and non-material. But it also shows how qualitative parameters can be quantified for evaluative and comparative purposes. The analysis of quantified data makes it possible to unveil and reflect underlying patterns of intracultural diversity in environmental assessments.

(Excerpt from article)

This brief draws from the following article: Nazarea, V., R. Rhoades, E. Bontoya and G. Flora. 1998. Defining indicators which make sense to local people: Intra-cultural variation in perceptions of natural resources. Human Organization. 57(2): 159-170.

Additional Bibliographic Information

Nazarea, V. 2001. Looking at the Landscape Through Local Lenses: Integrating Community Values and Variation in Indicators of Sustainability. SANREM CRSP Research Brief No. 6.

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