Policy analysis for watershed management: A trainer’s manual


M. Paunlagui; A. Rola

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University of the Philippines- Los Banos

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Los Banos, Philippines


DESCRIPTION: This training manual aims to enhance the capabilities of the staff of the Local Government Units and other potential parties in conducting policy analysis for watershed management. The manual includes the following major topics:

1. Activities to Introduce the Training 2. Policy for Watershed Management 3. Methods for Policy Analysis 4. Closing Activities and Evaluation of the Training Process Each topic contains session guides for trainers, presentation materials and handouts. Copies of the transparencies could be photocopied and distributed to the participants. For certain topics, handouts are also provided. These handouts provide additional background information to be read after the sessions. This training was designed as a two-day activity, approximately 16 hours, from the time the participants will register to the Closing Ceremony.

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