BIFAD and USAID AgExchange on HICD, November 18-20, 2014

Posted by | 09.26.2014

BIFAD and USAID AgExchange on HICD

Feeding the World in 2050: How Human and Institutional Capacity Development
Can Support Agricultural Innovation Systems

November 18-20, 2014
The Board for International Food and Agricultural Development (BIFAD) and USAID with support from the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) invite your participation in an “AgExchange” to help support U.S. Government efforts under Feed the Future, President Obama’s global hunger and food security initiative ( This three-day facilitated online discussion will bring together key stakeholders to share experiences and input on how human and institutional capacity development (HICD) can contribute to a high-performing agricultural innovation system to feed the world by 2050. The AgExchange, hosted on the Agrilinks website, welcomes participation from stakeholders around the world, including participants from:

• Higher education institutions (researchers, faculty, and students)
• National Agricultural Research Institutions
• Ministries of Agriculture
• Feed the Future implementing partner organizations
• Private sector

Participants will be asked to share best practices and experiences, constraints, and solutions for building human and institutional capacity to support agricultural innovation systems. These discussions will be facilitated by subject-matter experts.

The AgExchange will also draw on and solicit input on recommendations from three recent reports focused on HICD including:

BIFAD Review Of Strategic Human And Institutional Capacity Development (HICD) Issues And The Role Of USAID And Title XII Under The Feed The Future Program
APLU’s African Higher Education: Opportunities for Transformative Change for Sustainable Development
APLU’s Good Practices in Leveraging Long-Term Training for Institutional Capacity Strengthening

A kick-off webinar on November 17 will feature authors and contributors from three commissioned reports and will summarize key information and define important terms to frame the AgExchange discussion. Register for the webinar by clicking here.

Register for the AgExchange here: