External Evaluation Team Recommends Another Phase for Peanut CRSP

Posted by | 08.08.2012

The Peanut CRSP’s “clear strategic alignment with FTF, its past research and development achievements, and
the potential benefits in its pipeline of knowledge and new technologies justifies renewal.”

That was the conclusion of the external evaluation team in their recent report to the Bureau for Food Security
at USAID. Reviewers were Timothy Dalton (Team Leader), Kansas State University; Kitty Cardwell, USDA and
Tawainga Katsvairo, ArcHorizon.

The report praises Dr. Tim Williams and the Management Entity’s “strong intellectual leadership” of the
program. The Peanut CRSP is strategically organized around a “value chain” concept with 21 projects
covering topics in production agriculture, storage, processing, product development, consumer demand and
human health. The external evaluation team concluded that the PCRSP has an “excellent portfolio of projects
that are contributing to substantive developmental goals along the peanut value chain and also beyond it.”

The report lauded the PCRSP’s “cutting edge human health research” and noted that its aflatoxin research is
“state of the art, groundbreaking and influential.” The report also highlights the PCRSP’s contribution to Feed
the Future research goals noting that the CRSP is contributing to all of the FTF focus areas.

The PCRSP is partnered with 9 US universities in 8 states (Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Indiana,
New Mexico, Texas and Virginia). Funding for the Peanut CRSP’s current phase of activity ends July 30, 2012.
The external reviewers have recommended that “USAID should fund another phase of the PCRSP.”

Click here to view the report: External Evaluation Report on the Peanut Collaborative Research Support Program