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Posted by | 06.14.2013

JUNE-DECEMBER 2013: Costs and Benefits of Small Scale Postharvest Technology

Focus of the program: Calculating local costs and expected benefits of using improved postharvest practices, methods and equipment, and communicating with farmers, traders and marketers regarding how a recommended technology will lead to improved profits.  being able to provide accurate information on costs and benefits is a powerful tool for influencing people’s decisions on whether to try new practices, make investments and adopt new technologies.

– Most of the key training materials are available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.
– English reading skills are recommended for participation in online discussions and for enhancing interactions among all the participants in the program.

Agenda available online:

Registration fee: $US 100

The program is self-directed over 7 months, and includes a series of reading assignments and written reports to be submitted via email.  E-learners completing the program will receive a Certificate of Completion signed by the program leader and granted by the PEF Board of Directors.

Registration is open from June 1-30, and participants can register online: