A Comparison of Tilapia Culture Technologies: Linking Research and Outreach Results across Geographic Regions

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James Bowman; Amrit Bart; Remedios Bolivar; Wilfrido Contreras-Sanchez; Nancy Gitonga; Daniel Meyer; Hillary Egna

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Scholarly Article


World Aquaculture Society

Date of Publication:
June 2008

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Abstract: The Aquaculture Collaborative Research Support Program (ACRSP) has been actively engaged in tilapia production research and the dissemination of research results in a number of tropical countries since its inception in 1982. Much of the program’s success over the years has come as a result of the excellent collaborative partnerships that the US and host country institutions formed while working together in each project. To facilitate more direct collaboration among ACRSP host country institutions, lead researchers from Honduras, Kenya, Mexico, the Philippines and Thailand initiated an information exchange project in 2005. The main objectives of this activity were to compare tilapia culture practices in use in the five countries, to consider ways in which new and successful techniques might be transferred to other countries or regions and to develop mechanisms for continued communication and collaboration. As a starting point for the activity, the participants conducted an informal survey of tilapia culture techniques presently in use in their home countries. The results of that survey are reported here.

Additional Bibliographic Information

Bowman, J., A. Bart, R. Bolivar, W. Contreras-Sanchez, N. Gitonga, D. Meyer and H. Egna. 2008. A comparison of tilapia culture technologies: linking research and outreach results across geographic regions. World Aquaculture Magazine, 39(2):39-44.

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