A scoping assessment of current work on payments for ecosystem services in Asia, Latin America and East & Southern Africa


S. Waage; S. Scherr; M. Jenkins; M. Inbar

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Research Report


Forest Trends

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Payments for ecosystem services (PES) offer a new approach to securing revenue streams for the maintenance, conservation, and restoration of ecological structures and functions globally. Yet, at this point in time, the uptake of PES is significantly hampered, particularly in developing countries. In many cases, the barriers relate to two core questions: (1) who are the buyers? And (2) how will the deals work on the ground?

This document presents the findings of a scoping exercise-conducted between late April and mid-August 2005-on the barriers to PES, capacity building needs, and current capacity building initiatives. The findings are based on document reviews, internet research, and 57 interviews, which represented a global sampling of NGO, government, and business people working on establishment of PES.

We begin by presenting an Overview of the analytical framework that guided the assessment. Research findings on PES barriers and capacity building needs are then summarized. Finally, the document concludes with a list of current capacity building programs.

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