Adapting and Transferring Lessons Learned from Manupali to Other Critical Watersheds in Southeast Asia


Project Code:
SEA 99-32

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CRSP Phase:
Phase 2

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Other Partners:
University of the Philippines Los Banos

Principal Investigator(s):
Victoria O. Espaldon

Co-Principal Investigator(s):


With the goal of identifying and testing decision support tools and ap- proaches from a portfolio developed from SANREM-Philippines in other critical watersheds in Southeast Asia with similar conditions, the team has gone through a series of activities to identify priority research area of Vietnam. Selection of Vietnam for expanded collaborative research initiatives is strategic. Vietnam is undergoing rapid transformation of both its economic as well as its biophysical landscape. Economic reforms which include de-collectivization of agriculture (decentralization of resource manage- ment), elimination of an array of adminis- trative prices, liberalization of trade, to name a few, resulted to a rise of 7 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). On the other hand, with a population of 78 million, and an annual population growth rate of 2 percent, environmental pressures on land resources are expected to become a serious problem in the near future


1. To provide a mechanism for the integration of biophysical, sociocultural, economic and institutional factors that would be useful to watershed manage- ment at different levels (local, regional, national) of selected Southeast Asian countries; 2. To facilitate prediction of the long term impacts of different human activities on the biophysical characteristics of critical watersheds and their potential to provide ecosystem goods and services; and 3. To use the results of watershed modeling in developing watershed management plans and training programs that would provide guidance for informed policy and decision making process.


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