Adaptive watershed management in Tiraque, Bolivia


R. Botello; I. Figueroa; N. Amaya; O. Vargas; A.K. Saavedra; J. Alwang

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Poster outlining the project’s objectives at the Bolivia site. The overall objectives are: to enhance and support the local capacity to raise policies and interventions to increase incomes, improve social conditions and protect environment in Guaranda, Ecuador and Tiraque, Bolivia. The project’s primary objectives are: 1) to understand the economic, social, political and environmental conditions and their determinants in Chimbo, Ecuador and Tiraque, Bolivia, 2) to generate and validate sustainable technological alternatives to improve production systems and increase incomes while being environmentally friendly, 3) to create a system to assess alternative actions policies and intervention impacts in the income creating and the social and environmental conditions, 4) to build a local capacity to assess alternative policies, make and fulfill decisions and strengthen the social capital.

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Presented at the ASABE Conference, 21st Century Watershed Technology: Improving Water Quality and Environment, Concepcion, Chile, 29 March - 3 April 2008

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