An IPM Strategy to Combat the Gall Midge Complex Affecting Hot Pepper

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CARDI, MINAG, JEA, Food Storage and Prevention of Infestation Division, RADA (Jamaica); Virginia tech, Penn State University (US)

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Dionne Clarke-Harris,Juliet Goldsmith,Timon Williamson,Michelle Sherwood (CARDI);Carol Thomas, MINAG; Charles Reid,JEA;Denise Geoghagen,Food Storage and Prevention of Infestation Division;Phillip Chung, RADA; Sue Tolin. Virginia Tech, Shelby Fleisher, Bruce Miller, Penn State University


This project addressed constraints faced by hot pepper farmers including the ability to use field management practices to avoid the US-imposed mandatory fumigation requirement for fresh hot pepper exports to that country. Monitoring and surveillance is now viewed as the critical component to addressing the USA’s quarantine issues with this pest. As such, much emphasis was being placed on the development of an integrated system which covers the field as well as the ports. Survey mechanisms and web-based databases have been established for effective detection, analysis and intervention. Inadequate access to hot pepper gall midge field infestation data by the wider stakeholder community is being addressed by the development of accessible data bases.


1. Evaluate pre and post-harvest pest management tactics for the gall midge complex 2. Train farmers in hot pepper production technology 3. Determine the biology, taxonomy, behavior and ecology of the gall midge complex 4. Develop an Integrated Pest Management strategy 5. Improve post-harvest technology and its application in export fruits 6. Transfer IPM technologies to farmers and extension officers 7. Make the public aware of the importance of the gall midge complex 8. Monitor and analyze the introduced IPM technologies 9. To establish base-line information on infestation, farmer knowledge and management practice, with reference to the gall midge complex. 10. To train farmers in the recognition and proper management of the pest complex


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