Annual report: TMPEGS Philippines- Gender


J. Saludadez

Type of Document:
Project Document


University of the Philippines- Open University

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Place of Publication:
Los Banos, Philippines


Summary: The study continued conversing with men and women in the study site constituting as data sets that were analyzed using the Semio-Greimas Narrative Theory. The emerging frame that women and men accomplish their farm lives (that is, they order or organize their farm lives) in partnership continues to surface in the ongoing conversations with men and women in the field site. The emerging result seems to negate the assumption that women’s voice is muted in discourses that concern them such as ensuring the family well being. They mobilized actors and actants to accomplish their everyday farm lives. The technologies that are being introduced by TMPEGS particularly the indigenous vegetables and drip kits are seen as allies that would make a difference in their farm lives.

The principal investigator’s visit to VirginiaTech in March 2008 and the holding of the Annual SANREM meeting in the Philippines in May 2008 proved to be beneficial in the study as they situated the study within the overall frame of SANREM CRSP.

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LTRA-5 Progress Report

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