Aquatic Resource Use and Conservation for Sustainable Freshwater Aquaculture and Fisheries in Mali

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Phase 1

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Direction Nationale de la Peche, Ministere de l'elevage et de la Peche (Mali); Moi University, Kenyatta University, FishAfrica (Kenya); Shanghai Ocean University (China), USAID Mission, Mali

Principal Investigator(s):
Hillary Egna

Co-Principal Investigator(s):
Jim Bowman, Hery Coulibaly, Nancy Gitonga, Peter Nzungi, Charles Ngugi, Liu Liping


The overall goal of the project is to impove the productivity and income of producers in targeted areas of Mali through facilitation of access to technologies and building the capacity of stakeholders involved in freshwater fish farming and capture fisheries management. It is working in three thematic areas to:

– Facilitate access and adoption of improved aquaculture production technologies in targeted areas

to increase and diversify the incomes of farmers, – Build the capacity of the Government of Mali to develop and disseminate relevant technologies,

– Identify appropriate strategies for the implementation of integrated rice and fish farming in target

areas, – Help develop an appropriate fisheries management plan to ensure long-term viability and sustainability of capture fisheries in the target area, and – Help establish linkages useful for further development of aquaculture and fisheries in Mali.This project is funded by USAID/Mali through an Associate Award to the AquaFish CRSP at Oregon State University (OSU).


1. Advancing Sustainable Freshwater Aquaculture Practices and Technologies (Pond Culture) 2. Promoting Sustainable Rice-Fish Aquaculture in Irrigated Systems (Rice-fish Culture) 3. Building Community and Consensus towards a Fisheries Management Plan (Fisheries Planning) Across these three themes, the AquaFish CRSP emphasizes generating and utilizing capacity building opportunities, advancing sustainable solutions to aquaculture and fisheries development, and encouraging public-private sector linkages.


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