Arthropod Pests of Horticultural Crops in Tropical Asia

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Muni Muniappan; B. Merle Shepard; Gerald Carner; Peter Aun-Chuan Ooi

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Scholarly Article



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October 2012

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Not Available


Abstract: Insect pests are a constant threat to agriculture in developing countries. They often cause up to 40% of losses to crop yields and affect food security in the most fragile areas of the world, including tropical Asia. To help with effective pest management, this book identifies the major insect pests of horticultural crops in tropical Asia with information about the pests, the damage they cause, their natural enemies, and insect biology alongside vivid, detailed photographs. This is the only resource bringing together the regions of tropical Asian insects, making it a vital resource for educators, extension agents, and researchers.

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Muniappan, R., B. M. Shepard, G. R. Carner, and P. A. Ooi. 2012. Arthropod Pests of Horticultural Crops in Tropical Asia. CABI, UK

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