Asset, Activity and Income Diversification Among African Agriculturalists: Some Practical Issues

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Christopher B. Barrett; Thomas Reardon

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Research Report


BASIS CRSP, University of Wisconsin- Madison

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Madison, WI


Abstract: This paper starts from the premise that diversification of assets, activities, and incomes is important to African rural households, in that diversification into nonfarm income constitutes on average about 45 percent of incomes, and the push and pull factors driving that diversification are bound to persist. From that premise, we noted that the empirical study of diversification has been beset by practical problems and issues relating to (1) definitions and concepts, (2) data collection, and to (3) measurement of the nature and extent of diversification. The paper addressed each of those problems. Two points are of special interest to the overall conceptualization of diversification research. The first is that empirical studies have exhibited a wide variety

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Barrett, Christopher B. and Thomas Reardon, "Asset, Activity, and Income Diversification Among African Agriculturalists: Some Practical Issues," report to BASIS CRSP, March 2000. Portions to be included in editor's introduction to forthcoming special issue of Food Policy.

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