Breeding of groundnut for high yield

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S Toomsan

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11th Groundnut Conference

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Ranong, Thailand


Abstract: Improvement of groundnut for high yeild consisted of selections, preliminary trials and coordinated trial. 54 lines were selected in F4 and F5 progenies from 8 crosses and tested in preliminary trial in rainy season, 1990. 50 lines were also selected in F5 and F6 progenics from 38 crosses for high yield and 11 lines for earliness chick were evaluated in rainy season 1990. Preliminary trial was conducted in 1989 and 1990. High yield and large seed size were obtained form 4 lines, (Tainan 9xRobut 33-1)-10-29-3, (Robut 33-1xLampang)-5-17-2, (Robut 33-1xLampang)-5-17-14 and (Tainan 9xUPLP 4)-12-14-6 13 lines were selected to evaluate in coordinated yield trials in rainy season 1990. Coordinated yield trial was conducted in dry season 1989. 12 selected lines and including 15 lines from new selection were evaluated in rainy season 1989 and dry season 1990. (Tainan 9xRobut 33-1)-10-29-3 produced the highest yield (2,703 kg/ha) 7 lines were selected from this trial to test in standard yield trial in 1991. 14 lines were repeated together with 13 lines from preliminary trial rainy season 1990. (Robut 33-1xLampang)-5-17-2 showed good performance, larger seed size (43.12 g/100 seeds) and higher yield (2,271 kg/ha) than checks. High yield were also abtained from ICGS 95, ICGS 110 and ICGS 102.

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Progress Report for 1991. Proc. 11th groundnut Conf. , Ranong, Thailand, 17-21 May 1999

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