Building Human Capacity to Solve Ecosystem-Health Challenges in Developing Countries


Deana Clifford; Rudovick Kazwala; Val Beasley; Kirsten Gilardi; Elizabeth VanWormer; Harrison Sadiki; Jonna Mazet

Type of Document:
Research Brief


Livestock-Climate Change CRSP, University of California- Davis

Date of Publication:

Place of Publication:
Davis, CA


Abstract: The Envirovet Summer Institute is an established, yet unique and annually adapted opportunity to train the next generation of professionals in the rapidly emerging area of ecosystem health. In 2008, the GL-CRSP sponsored Health for Animals and Livelihood Improvement (HALI) project partnered with Envirovet to design and direct the Envirovet Summer Institute Developing Country Session in Tanzania. From July 17th through August 5th, 2008 twenty-four veterinary professionals and exceptional veterinary students from six nations studied cross-cutting themes relating to health at the wildlife-livestockhuman interface, conservation, zoonotic diseases, and freshwater and marine ecosystem health at multiple locations in Tanzania through a combination of hands-on activities, field visits and presentations. Linking ongoing research from the HALI program with Envirovet created a win-win partnership, enabling HALI to fulfill the Goal of increasing local capacity for disease diagnosis and surveillance, and expanding each organization’s impact by helping to create a cadre of scientists working on issues relevant to improving health and livelihoods in developing countries.

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