Can vegetables be more productive under tree based systems?


M.C. Palada

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AVRDC- The World Vegetable Center

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Tainan, Taiwan


This rich presentation provides a detailed Summary of research projects examining vegetable yields in tree based systems in Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Researchers explored complementarity of various vegetables and trees, the trade-off between increased yield and crop displacement in integrated systems, and improving methods for domesticating production of medicinal trees and indigenous vegetables. It was found that tree systems can increase vegetable production and overall incomes when competition between vegetables and trees is reduced, when practices and vegetable/tree choices are more complementary of one another, and through the adoption of higher value trees for integrated systems. The presentation is divided into two sections for easier download. The first section details an Overview of integrated systems, while the second section details methods and conclusions of the experiments themselves.

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AVRDC-WVC Thursday Seminar, Philippines, 12 June 2008

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