CCRA-6 economic analysis and impact


G. Norton; A. Nguema

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Powerpoint presentation. Description: While conservation agriculture production systems (CAPS) are known as methods for improving soils, the economic impact of their adoption must also guide research and promotion. This PowerPoint, from Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Collaborative Research Support Program’s (SANREM CRSP) cross cutting research activity on economic analysis and impact, presents economic analysis of CAPS at SANREM research sites. It describes three main research topics. Budget analysis in Ghana, Lesotho, and Mozambique analyzed inputs and outputs under CAPS. In the Andes, linear programming found that CAPS were more profitable for the Alumbre sub-watershed than for the Illangama sub-watershed. Economic surplus analysis conducted for Ecuador, Lesotho, and Nepal found positive benefits of CAPS in each region studied, but the outcomes were dependent on the assumed adoption rate.

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Presented at the SANREM CRSP Annual Meeting, Cincinnati, OH, 20 October 2012

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