Characterization of the Biodiversity and Potential Use of Forestry Resources in the Alambi River Basin


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Start Date:
November 1995

End Date:
July 1997

CRSP Phase:
Phase 1

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Principal Investigator(s):
Hugo Valdebenito; Carlos Valle

Co-Principal Investigator(s):


The natural landscape does not exist in isolation, but, rather is directly impacted by the human landscape. Inhabited since prehispanic times by the Yumbos, the study site has experienced increasing impacts due to colonization since the end of the last century. As a result of human occupation, the original environment of the tropical forest has been transformed into an agricultural landscape with a lower percentage of natural forests, primarily relegated to the steepest hillsides. The effects of colonization- destruction of the natural landscapes and specifically of forestry resources- produce land use process that are typically non-sustainable, and that are manifested in ecological, production, and social problems. A characterization of the vegetation present in the micro-region is necessary for subsequent implementation of an awareness program for adoption of measures to conserve biodiversity and natural resources.


1. Characterize the distribution, composition, and flora structure that constitute the natural landscape of the micro-region. 2. Describe the distribution, composition, structure and degree of exploitation and sustainability of forestry resources. 3. Assess the principal environment impacts. 4. Implement, at the local community level, an environmental education program addressing the designated area and that promotes a conscience for the preservation of natural resources and biodiversity. 5. Coordinate environmental education activities with other programs in the SANREM CRSP Project, especially through the Global Committee for Environmental Education. 6. Integrate in this program the information from other SANREM CRSP projects and help in the diffusion of information at the national and international levels.


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