Closing the gap between natural resource management research and policy-making: Reflections from the Manupali watershed and beyond


A. Sumbalan; G. Buenavista

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Abstract: The search for practical solutions in arresting environmental degradation in the developing countries has been the impetus behind catalyzed the creation of development of mechanisms to localize environmental conservation and management efforts on environmental conservation and management. In the Philippines, the inauguration of the 1991 Local Government Code formalized the transfer of environmental management responsibilities from the central to local governments. The passage of Tthis law leads to ushered a significant shift in the design and implementation of community-based environmental research and development projects.

This paper analyzes the experience of the Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Collaborative Research Support Program (SANREM CRSP) Philippines in closing the gap between natural resource management research and local policy making. We ask the following questions: How do research results inform policy design and dialogue? What are the initial outcomes and lessons of policy-oriented research in the SANREM CRSP? What are the institutional arrangements necessary to sustain interactions between research and local governance?

There are two significant outcomes of SANREMs policy-oriented research. First, research results have been instrumental in raising environmental awareness and alerting policymakers and citizens of incipient trends in natural resource degradation. Second, important outcome of the research and policy interface is that it has enabled local to national policy dialogues to occur. We analyze these outcomes vis a vis the role of local actors and its relationship with the local government in the policy process, and in the design and funding of participatory, collaborative natural resource management research projects.

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Paper presented at the SANREM CRSP Research Scientific Synthesis Conference, Athens, GA, 28-30 November 2001

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