Combinaison de l’experience regionale et de la gestion holistique pour la recherche d’alternatives d’amelioration de la fertilite du sol de la commune de Madiama


B. Traore; O. Samake; O. Badini

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Abstract: Holistic Management provides a framework for diagnosing causes and prescribing General cures for natural resource degradation. In Madiama, holistic management exercises have identified the Nutrient cycle as a pillar of the ecosystem modification, complementing the identification of soil fertility as a priority problem during the PLLA. Identifying effective soil fertility improving technologies adaptable to poor soil conditions where annual rainfall fluctuates between 300 to 600 mm, rainfall events are irregular, and water tables have been declining is a difficult task. Under these conditions traditional research recommendations fail a number of holistic management tests. This paper highlights recent soil fertility research conducted with farmers in Madiama during the past two years. Holistic management alternatives being tested include: (1) seed hole application of micro-doses of mineral fertilizer to increase yields with minimal cost; (2) the integration of the crop and livestock production to exchange field fodder for manure between farmers and herders; (3) The application of locally available cowpea/millet rotations and intercropping to increase nitrogen fixation, dietary diversity and increased fodder production.

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Paper presented at the SANREM CRSP Research Scientific Synthesis Conference, Athens, GA, 28-30 November 2001

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