Comparison of flavor quality of peanut pastes and peanut butter by sensory methods

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AVA Resurreccion

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Scholarly Article


Georgia Agriculture Experiment Station

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Tifton, GA


Abstract: A bland flavored and light colored paste was developed to increase utilization of peanuts. This study compared flavor quality of two pastes prepared from whole and chopped peanuts, water extracted to remove flavor precursors, two commercial samples of peanut butter and a paste from raw peanuts (control). Cluster analysis was used to compare sensory scores of all samples. The premium brand peanut butter had the strongest roasted flavor while the pastes had significantly more of the beany flavor than the peanut butters but less than that in the raw control. Chopping of kernels results in the loss of roasted and sweet flavors and the Introduction of cardboard, musty and metallic flavors.

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Georgia Peanut Research - Extension Rpt. , Ga Agric. Expt. Stations, Dept. Res. Info, Tifton, Ga

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