Comparison of Soybeans, Peanuts and Cowpeas as Substrates for Preparing Natto

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LR Beuchat; T Nakayama; RD Phillips; RE Worthington

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Scholarly Article


Journal of Fermentation Technology

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Abstract: Six strains of Bacillus subtilis (B. natto) were tested for their ability ot ferment soybeans in the preparation of natto. One strain was further tested using peanuts and cowpeas as substrates in addition to soybeans. Conditions of rehydration, steaming, inoculation level and incubation temperature and time were evaluated for their effects on product quality. Rehydrated soybeans, deskinned peanuts and cowpeas steamed for 30,25 and 15 min, respectively, followed by inoculation (2%) and incubation at 42? for 16 h resulted in desirable natto Products. Levels of reducing sugars and soluble nitrogen increased dramatically as a result of fermentation. Free fatty acid and triglyceride Contents of seeds were not substantially changed by fermentation. It is concluded that peanuts and cowpeas are acceptable substrates for preparing natto-like producets. Further investigations should be conducted to fully characterize the organoleptic qualities of such products.

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