Conflict management training


J. Goebel; C. Ampagoomian; A. Toure

Type of Document:
Scholarly Article


CABI Press

Date of Publication:

Place of Publication:
Cambridge, MA


In chapter 8, Goebel et al. provide an Overview of an alternative conflict management approach and discuss how it differs from common approaches to conflict resolution. The approach is based on building conflict management and consensus building skills rather than simple conflict management, per se. The training program consists of a series of workshops focused on building skills and empowering local leaders by their learning a sustainable process for facilitation and management of diverse conflict situations. This process has been central to the evolution of the NRMAC from a group of village representatives to a committee with a Commune-level mission to improve NRM in the face of resource competition.

Additional Bibliographic Information

Goebel, J., C. Ampagoomian and A. Toure. 2004. In Press. Conflict Management Training. In Moore, K. (ed.) Conflict, Social Capital and Managing Natural Resources. CABI Press, London, UK.

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