Consumer acceptance of American peanut products by Bulgarian consumers

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P. Paraskova; J. Jordanov; A. V. A. Resurreccion; W. Moon; W. J. Florkowski; M. S. Chinnan; L. R. Beuchat

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Scholarly Article


Peanut Science

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Abstract: A 1997 nationwide survey in Bulgaria revealed a high demand for roasted peanuts (Arachis hypogaea L.) and peanut products. The study reported here was conducted to determine the level of acceptance by Bulgarian consumers of three American cultivars of roasted peanuts and to identify the type of commercial peanut butter preferred using sensory affective tests. Consumers (N = 601) participated in central location tests at an international fair in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in May 1999 to evaluate roasted peanuts (spanish type, cv. Georgia Green, and cv. Flavorunner) and three types of commercial American peanut butter [very low sodium (creamy), regular creamy, and extra crunchy]. Each consumer was interviewed and asked to evaluate these products by pointing at a printed 9-point hedonic scale (1 = dislike extremely, 9 = like extremely). Most (98.7%) of the participants were Bulgarian. Ages ranged from 18 to 50 yr (79.9%) or older (20.1%); 53.7% were females. The mean overall acceptance rating for roasted Flavorunner peanuts (6.9, like slightly) was significantly higher (P ? 0.05) than that for Georgia Green (6.1, like slightly), which was significantly higher than for Spanish type (5.6, neither like nor dislike). Mean overall acceptance of extra crunchy peanut butter was higher (6.7, like slightly; P ? 0.05) than acceptance of regular creamy (6.4, like slightly) and very low sodium (5.4, neither like nor dislike) types. Consumers rated the overall acceptance of regular creamy peanut butter higher (P ? 0.05) than that of very low sodium creamy peanut butter. Results of the survey indicate good potential for sale of Georgia Green and Flavorunner roasted peanuts and extra crunchy and regular creamy peanut butter in Bulgaria

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