Creating markets for environmental stewardship: Potential benefits and problems


M. Ribaudo

Type of Document:
Newspaper Article


Economic Research Service, USDA

Date of Publication:

Place of Publication:
Washington, DC


This topical article from the United States Department of Agriculture summarizes some of the potential benefits and problems faced by defining environmental services markets in the United States. Though the discussion is superficial, numerous opportunities for multi-income opportunities from various conservation practices are identified. One example is the creation of riparian buffers for wildlife habitat, the prevention of crop run-off, and improving agricultural yield. The article also summarizes some of the historical and effectual problems with environmental services markets, most namely the difficulty with now asking people to pay for something that has typically been free – such as access to hunting or cleaner drinking water due to better on farm conservation practices.

Additional Bibliographic Information

Amber Waves 6(4): 24-31

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