Development of a HPLC Method for Resveratrol and Optimization of Post-Harvest stress to induce production in peanuts

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J.L. Rudolf

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Thesis or Dissertation


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Abstract: A high-performance liquid chromatography method was systematically developed to quantify resveratrol in peanuts. Post-harvest stress application including sizereduction, by grinding, chopping and slicing and exposure to ultrasound, for 4min at 25 oC with power density 39.2 mW/cm3, or ultraviolet light, at 254 nm for 10 min, then incubation for 24-48 h at 25 oC was applied to peanut kernels. Antioxidant activity and total phenolic compounds were unaffected in peanuts exposed to post-harvest stress; however resveratrol increased to highest concentrations after slicing and ultrasound exposure. Response Surface Methodology was used to determine the optimum condition for slicing, ultrasound exposure and incubation time that produced resveratrol enhanced peanuts with minimal change to peanut flavor. An optimized product produced from peanuts sliced 0.7 cm, exposed to ultrasound and incubated for 44h at 25 oC contained 6.80

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