Development of Integrated Management Package For the Control of Eggplant Fruit and Shoot Borer (FSB)

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BARI (Bangladesh)

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S. N. Alam, M. Khorsheduzzaman, Ziaur Rahman (BARI) Naznin A. Sultana, A.N.M. Rezaul Karim (IPMCRSP/Virginia Tech), E.G. Rajotte (Penn State) and G.C. Luther (Virginia Tech)


Fruit and Shoot Borer (FSB) of eggplant is a difficult pest to control with the use of unilateral control measures. Presently, the farmers’ practice of indiscriminate use of pesticides has not only complicated its management, but has also created a hazardous situation for the growers and the consumers. This project sought to integrate different tactics, such as sanitation, host plant resistance, and grafting to produce cumulative adverse effects on the FSB population and help greatly to reduce FSB infestations on eggplant crops at the farm level.


To establish an IPM-based, environment-friendly, and cost-effective package forthe control of eggplant fruit and shoot borer.


FSB-resistant eggplant lines reduced FSB infestation by 58-68%, bacterial wilt disease by 66% and jassid infestation by 50-60%. Eggplant grafting was highly effective providing 90-95% control of bacterial wiltdisease. An IPM package is possible to be developed by integrating FSB-resistant eggplant lines having cross-resistance to jassids and bacterial wilt disease for effective control of FSB in eggplant crops.

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