Directional Movement of Predators Between the Irrigated Rice Field and Its Surrounding

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L. Sigsgaard; S. Villareal; V.P. Gapud; E. Rajotte

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Symposium on Biological Control in the Tropics

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Sigsgaard, L., S. Villareal, V.P. Gapud, and E. Rajotte. 1999. Directional Movement of Predators Irrigated Rice Field and Its Surroundings. In: Biological Control in the Tropics, Towards biodiversity and bioresource management for effective biological control. Symposium on Biological Control in the Tropics. Loke Wai Hong, Soetlkno S. Sastroutomo (Eds). The National Council for Biological Control (NCBC in collaboration with CAB South East Asian Regional Centre, Malaysia. MARDI Training Centre, Serdang, March 1999, p. 43-47.

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