Economic and Sustainability Evaluation of New Technologies in Sorghum and Millet Production in INTSORMIL Priority Countries

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John H. Sanders

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Working in Mali, Niger, and Senegal this project’s goal was to bring new production technologies onto the farms of sorghum and millet producers in West Africa by providing credit for inputs to farmers’ groups plus introducing marketing strategies to obtain higher prices for farmers.


Sudan Identify farm level and other factors associated with the diffusion of Hageen Dura I in the Gezira. This project also included a preliminary analysis of the performance of the seed and fertilizer supply sectors. Suggest policy measures to accelerate diffusion of this new cultivar. Evaluate long term economic and sustainability effects of present and potential technologies in the mechanized rainfed region. Recommend policy changes and future research needs. Burkina Faso Estimate the effects of new agricultural and household technologies on farm and female incomes. Make policysuggestions to insure that agricultural and other technologies also increase the welfare of women. Mali Estimate potential farm level effects of actual and potential technoclogies in the Sudanian and Guineo-Sudanian zones. The considered technologies used technique to increase water retention and to improve soil fertility combined wtih adoptionof new cultivars. Identify constraints to new technology introduction in the two regions.


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